Workout Bandits

Workout Bandits trains you in a manner that is more natural to how your body works. Our experienced instructors teach Members key aspects of training through the use of all of the following:
  • Full-Body Training using a wide variety of ‘head to toe’ choreographed routines

  • Endurance & Focus techniques taught to prevent distraction during exhaustion

  • Isometric & dynamic breathing methods to maintain stamina

  • Training Primary & Secondary muscle groups symmetrically for response preparedness

  • Challenge Balance, Coordination & Flexibility for muscle memory engagement

  • Workout Recovery through healthy eating along with static & dynamic stretching

  • Enhanced Reflex Training for Intuitive muscle employment & movement

  • Fast twitch & Slow twitch muscle fiber strengthening

  • Fun, Plateau-proof system that gets the job done in 35 – 40 minutes & can be performed daily

  • To understand that health & fitness is not a contest—it’s a Lifestyle

It is important to understand that Workout Bandits™ is not a “Martial Arts” school. Because we have decades of Martial Arts training under our “Black Belts” we use various aspects of this training in our routines as one of the “main ingredients” in our “Secret Recipe.” The results of this style of training can be readily seen in the transformation of our Members. Learning Martial Arts along the way in our program is a ‘side benefit’ of the training. You’ll be performing KaPiYo™ (a combination of Karate, Pilates and Yoga), RIP’T (Real Intense Physical Training), Isometrics, Resistance and Suspenion training, Circuit Conditioning and more. You’ll be performing full-body weight routines using multi-directional challenges that call into play both strength and balance simultaneously. The Result: Your training will “kick in” when and where your body needs it—any time, any place, any task!

If you are going to “move” to get fit, why not perform specifically designed moves under the guidance of others who have been teaching it for years? If you are taught to move correctly, you will get fit and you will love the new and improved version of “You!”

Workout Bandits considers the safety of its Members to be first and foremost. We have developed modified versions of exercises included in our routines to allow a beginner to work side-by-side with an athlete without feeling awkward or intimidated. Routines do not have to be difficult to be effective. They just have to be performed correctly with the intent to push yourself to perform at your personal best.

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“We have three unique companies that have utilized the services of Ganesh and Neel-Tech for nearly a decade! They set the standard by which we measure the competence of others we select in our needs for various services.

William H Urban
CEO, Loss Prevention Specialists, Inc.

Looking for a First-Class Business, Technology or Mobile Consultant?

Looking for a First-Class Business, Technology or Mobile Consultant?